Dj Ward
hee maddkat courtship‘s song lyric: ‘My life is music and music is life’ is perhaps the best way to describe Ward. At an early age it became clear that music would play a big role in his life… 

It all started at the age of 6. On his 6th birthday he got a drum set 2 keep him from turning every household appliance into a musical instrument. Playing the drums became an obsession. After school, 2 to 3 hours a day behind the drums were no exception. His neighbours still like him a lot even though their ears would not find rest 4 many years 2 come, especially when Ward found out 4 himself that the thing he really wanted, was 2 become a dj. 
At the root of his career is a great interest in digital techniques 4 music and video (call him a ‘technologic gadget freak’ if you want 2 ?). Luckily 4 him, Ward’s dad, Jean, noticed his sons talents and bought him his first turntable set at the age of 12. From that day forward deejaying became a way of life.